glTail on the iPad

Over the summer, I’ve had a go at porting glTail to the iPad. And I succeeded. :-)

To get this done, I had to re-implement the whole thing in Objective-C, and use OpenGL ES as that’s what the iPad supports. As a side effect, it also runs great on the iPhone 4, due to the retina display. Kinda fun to have glTail to watch while sitting on the bus.

I’m pretty impressed by the performance of my aging iPad 3G, as it runs circles around the Ruby version on my quad-core i5 iMac. 60 fps with 1500+ particles in play (~70 web requests per second) using ~6ms per frame. Plenty more to go on, but I don’t have access to any servers with more traffic than that so it’s hard to test properly.

I’ve only implemented support for Apache log files so far, and I’ll add a few more before I consider it good enough for submitting to the App Store.

Anyone want to take it for a spin on their iPad? I’d especially love to see how it runs on the iPad 2.

glTail and Ruby 1.9.1

I spent an evening updating glTail to run on Ruby 1.9.1 and the latest net-ssh, and it was easier than expected. You can have a look at my github repo.

Preparing for Rails 2.1

I’ve had a quick go at upgrading ClockingIT to Ruby On Rails 2.1 and the most difficult snag I ran into was a has_and_belongs_to_many relation with a symbol as the join_table parameter which suddenly lacked the downcase method, and had to be changed to a string.

QProcess and exit(1)


I’ve been using QProcess from QT to spawn some SSH processes in glTail, and then just using exit(1) to quit while testing.

And on thursday evening, by server ran out of memory due to ~4000 SSH processes running. Guess I should find out how to properly quit a QT application instead of just exiting. :-)

glTrail – Realtime website visualization using a force based layout and OpenGL


I’ve had a bit of fun the last week or so, and done two implementations of the same program. One in Ruby, and one in C++. The goal was to try and make a ‘pretty’ and entertaining view of the relationship between your web-pages, and where your traffic is coming from.

The Ruby version ended up dropping below 30 FPS when handling the relationships between ~90 urls, while the C++ version is at about ~800. Even though C++ is a pain to develop in compared to Ruby, I’m going to have to drop Ruby this one time due to speed.





RIAA spends thousands to obtain $300

RIAA spends thousands to obtain $300

They were aiming for $529,500. Tihi.

RIAA refused access to hard-drive

Recording Industry vs The People

In SONY v. Arellanes, the Court has refused to allow the RIAA untrammelled access to the defendant's hard drive, holding instead that only a mutually agreeable, neutral computer forensics expert may examine the hard drive, and that the parties must agree on mutually acceptable provisions for confidentiality

Earlier, RIAA has used their own experts to find incriminating evidence on hard-drives.

BitTorrent Site Admin Sent to Prison

BitTorrent Site Admin Sent to Prison at Torrentfreak

> The 23 year old Grant Stanley has been sentenced to five months in prison, followed by five months of home detention, and a $3000 fine for the work he put in the private BitTorrent tracker Elitetorrents.

I wonder why most torrent sites move to other countries, with a bit more liberal view on these things. Elitetorrents did promote that they had StarWars on their frontpage, so I can see how the MPAA got a bit pissed off.